Stock Exchange Scene with Foley

Still have music to add in, but it’s music that continues from other scenes, so that will be added in in Premier. I used audition to design the sound, and used a lot of the Stereo techniques, such as the car sound moving from right to left as the car goes past.


Really Exciting Camera Blocking.


Camera blocking is really not exciting. It was a really effort for all of us to actually get it done. But because it was hard, but because it was really boring. BUT here it is. It might not make much sense as it is… But it’s actually proved really useful in making a final storyboard. And I guess you have to do the boring stuff to get onto the fun stuff.

001 workers 002 inside car 003 nyse 004 nyse floor plan 005 kiosk 006 subway 007 cotton club exterior 008 cotton club interior 009 cotton club bar


Plan for the weekend is to have all the images ready for an animatic!