Animatic Coming Soon!


So we’ve been working like little beavers on acid to try and get this animatic done. It’s so important we finish an animatic, for many different reasons, but mostly for us, it’s to see how long the animation is and how the music works. For those of you who don’t know, an animatic is a test version of an animation, like a storyboard with sound.  The animatic has a heavy focus on the timings of sounds effects and beats to the music. We’ve spent perhaps a little too many hours on the animatic with Jamie topping us all with over 50 images, which are of excellent quality. We’re desperately working into the night to have the animatic finished today, as scheduled. Never drank so much tea in my life. Here are some frames from the animatic!

men at lunch

019 looking shocked 1

6 MCU shot i feel like dancin

car and chauffeur 002



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