Loads of fat feathery pigeons

During the week I have been fixing clothes and textures onto our stock pigeons. The process involved gathering loads of textures and cutting them to fit with the body of the stock pigeons. Its only till just now I realised I forgot to add tails to some of them. I think a couple of them show alot of personality in how they look. I wanted to empasize a tired espression on some of them.


I also wanted to experiment with one of the models on After Effects for fun. So I made a quick wave animation of one of the pigeons.

~ Jamie


Cootin Club lobby

Here are the scenes for the Cootin Club lobby which will be used as Frank escorts his lady friend out the door. For now, the coat rack is empty and the transparent window textures have no outside, but will be added later on.

coat scene

door scene


– Tom the magnificent

Frank’s Car

As part of procrastination I thought I was post a picture of Franks car. I have shown how I created the car. I simply took a 1920s Chryster car and morphed it so that a couple of large pigeons could fit inside, and also make it look a little more cartoony. Then I just constructed shapes over the image.

old car

Ins and outs of the Cotton Club

So as the great Tom mentioned  we had to start Drawing up our backgrounds based on the animatic.  It was a horrific experience (sarcasm) but I pulled through with my brain still functional. At the moment I am doing backgrounds for the last scene which takes place inside of the Cooting Club. I have never really used textures before so its taking longer then id hope, but each one needs attention. For each background I use the warp tool on the textures to make them into shapes and mess around with perspective. It helps provide a 3D look to it and I also use the brush tool to shade some areas that need it. The bar scene still needs a bit of work, my two loving bosses told me to place some portraits and beer pumps into the scene.

JG 😉

Outside club cotton Club bar scene 01