Story Development

Today we began to expand and develop our story further and add more detail into our timeline. Sections of our story were also rearranged to make room for new scenes in order to refine the structure. After we have finished this, we hope to begin ‘blocking’ – outlining the overall settings and marking out character actions and positioning. Following that, we can begin camera scripting and finish by finalising the storyboard in much more detail. So far, this is what has been accomplished in story development:

Scene 1: Opening sky
Scene 2: Limosine
Scene 3: Wall street
Scene 4: Subway
Scene 5: Cootin-Club
Scene 6: Happy bird

Scene 1: An early morning haze descends over a 1920s New York skyline. A line of hard working pigeons sit on an extended girder similar to the famous “workers at lunch” scene, enjoying their well earned lunch break. The pigeon sitting on the end chuckles slightly and slips forward off of his perch and falls, yet the others seemed unfazed by it. As expected, he ascends back up into his seat and continues eating with his associates. Down on the sidewalk, another more business orientated pigeon, Frank, walks briskly towards his limo waiting a few yards away. His chauffeur acknowledges him and smiles, removes his hat and opens the passenger door. Frank ignores him and steps inside. The chauffeur is visibly bitter about it.

Scene 2: Frank opens his briefcase and reviews his papers smugly. After shuffling for a few seconds he returns them to the case and sets them aside. His expression is concrete, and he looks forward as the limo pulls into his destination.

Scene 3: Upon arriving on Wall Street, Frank makes his way over to the Stock Market Exchange building, and confidently heads into the entrance. As routine, he raises his cards and bids for the stocks he desires, however when glances across the trading floor and at the stock charts, he is horrified to see that his assets have lost almost all their value. Disheartened, Frank exits the building a broken pigeon. He approaches his limo, but is astonished to witness it drive off in front of him. Awestruck, he strolls away from from the stock exchange and into the subway.

Scene 4: Frank hobbles down the damp stone steps and into the bleak lighting of the underground. Both the platform and tracks are littered with newspapers and stained with grime, and graffiti was scattered across the chipped brick walls. Frank approached the platform edge as the train pulled in, and got on hesitantly. His fellow commuters paid him no attention as he slouched down onto the tattered seats.

The final two scenes will be covered in the next production meeting, after which we will move on to our next task!


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