First production meeting 20/02/14

Because we were so damn excited about the project, we jumped straight in to our first official group meet! We managed to cover an extremely pleasing amount of work and are well and truly prepared for the upcoming weeks.

First on the agenda was narrative – developing our storyline and character goals. This was our biggest obstacle and took quite some time, but little by little we pieced together our research and ideas to form a solid set of scenarios. These have been moulded into what we perceive as a workable narrative.

Character development came next, and with Gabriella providing an existing foundation with her designs we hurtled onwards. From our storyline, we are developing two main characters, Frank and Betty with their own back stories and goals, alongside 4 or 5 stock characters (with interchangeable clothing to increase the number further).



Following on, the settings were discussed while working from our storyboard and will be in development alongside the characters. We are producing initial designs which will be used in an animatic, and then will provide a basis to work from when we finalise them for the actual animation. These scenes take place all over parts of New York, including Central Park, Wall Street and the classic Cotton Club (all set in the 1920s).

Our final task was to set out a week by week plan for our project, and so far we have outlined the first 4 weeks (out of ~10) which will lead us up to starting the main animation.

Definitely a great start, we hope to keep up this level of optimism throughout the project!



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