Cooting Club Scenes so far

Here are the scenes I’ve done so far all together for viewing. Some clips still need tweeking and are not rendered in the proper codec

First is the scene where Frank enters the club and two gangster pigeons watch him.

Frank enters the club and sits down at the bar

Frank is sad and worried feeling dejected he drinks

And finally he gets tapped on the shoulder and turns around and gasps

~ Jamie

Animation Clip

Here’s a clip from the section of the film I’m working on Outside the NYSE. I realise there’s a lot of things that could be touched up and made better, but I can do that if I get everything else finished. Enjoy.


Loads of fat feathery pigeons

During the week I have been fixing clothes and textures onto our stock pigeons. The process involved gathering loads of textures and cutting them to fit with the body of the stock pigeons. Its only till just now I realised I forgot to add tails to some of them. I think a couple of them show alot of personality in how they look. I wanted to empasize a tired espression on some of them.


I also wanted to experiment with one of the models on After Effects for fun. So I made a quick wave animation of one of the pigeons.

~ Jamie